Reservations You Need

Reservations you need BEFORE you leave home…

on any kind of trip include airline ticket reservations, reservations for parking your car at the airport, rental car reservations at the other end, hotel reservations, and restaurant reservations for at least the first day/night in your new location.  Travel insurance will give you peace of mind in case your trip has to be cancelled due to illness, death in the family, or other unchangeable events that lead to cancellation of all or part of your trip.

Let’s examine each type of reservation and where to get them set up with ease – saving you both time and money in the process.

Airline Reservations.

If there is only one airline that flies of your airport, you know where to start looking for airline tickets, right?

Well, maybe.  It may be that if you check a site that has multiple airlines listed, the competition helps to lower the prices.  You will not always find the least expensive on the airline’s own website.

There are some big name sites that come to mind.  A quick search of “air fare” or “airline ticket reservations” will bring them up for your choosing pleasure.

However, it is much easier and quicker to compare multiple flight options at once — with the ability to change the departure/return dates to see if there is a significant difference in cost. Book your low cost airfare with CheapAir.comairline reservation and see all the options and costs at once.


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Travel Insurance.

Did you know that most private health insurance plans don’t cover you when you’re traveling abroad? Learn More.

Travel insurance can give you not only peace of mind so you can enjoy your education. But it also provides coverage for the practical needs that occur when life’s mishaps encroach on your travel plans. Whether it is an attack of appendicitis on the first day of your honeymoon, a broken leg on the ski slopes, a car accident on the way to the airport, or a funeral that you absolutely must attend, there’s insurance to cover it.

The deal is that you must purchase the insurance before YOUR trip in order for it to be in effect prior to the mishap that messes with your plans. Whether your travels take you overseas, or across the border, or two states away, there is an appropriate plan to cover you.  Check out all the coverage and options here.

Travel insurance is usually offered along with your airline ticket, cruise, or tour reservation. When should you take the insurance and when is it okay to pass on the travel insurance?
This article in the Huntington Post covers this topic quite nicely.


Airport Parking Reservations.


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About AirportParking claims to be “the leading independent airport parking directory and reservation network on the internet.”  Their site allows travelers to comparison shop prices at participating airport parking lots. Therefore, the traveler who plans ahead will be able to find & reserve a space for “almost always” less than the drive-up price. The site uses handy tools that most internet users are accustomed to using when shopping online for other products, such as price comparisons, objective genuine user reviews, and maps. Since you’re already booking your flight and hotel online, why not your parking spot? Looking for savings and convenience when you travel? Book Airport Parking today!

Park N Fly takes reservations for parking in and near 59 popular departure cities.  Check them out for Memorial Day and 4th of July Specials! Airport parking reservations serving 59 U.S. markets. Up to 66% savings as compared to parking at the airport.

Having generated over 3,000,000 reservations over 13 years,  Airport Parking Reservations is the leading airport parking aggregator in the united States. Founded by travel industry veterans with many years experience, Airport Parking Reservations offers travelers the chance to compare & save on airport parking for every major airport in the US with multiple parking options & free transportation. Parking options include self-drive, valet, indoor & long term.  Compare & Save On Airport Parking


Car Rental Reservations

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You will generally have at least a couple of choices for rental car companies at the other end.  It will be worth the time to compare costs. Be sure and check to see if any of your credit cards offer discounts or points or cash back for using a certain rental car agency.  Sometimes, your auto insurance* company has a preference in case you are traveling by car and need to rent a car due to mechanical difficulties on your car. Otherwise, search your favorite search engine using terms like “rental car”, “car rental at [insert name of airport].”  Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there may be a company discount in your benefits package from your Human Resources Department. It’s worth a quick phone call to find out.
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*In case your auto insurance does not offer coverage where you are going, check out Rental Car Damage Protector which provides primary coverage for covered collision, loss and damage up to $40,000, along with 24-hour emergency assistance.  This can be a life-saver on Sunday night when your rental car has a belt break in the middle of nowhere! There is not a single mechanic shop or auto parts store open.  What do you do? Call your rental car company first.  If they don’t have a solution, call the insurance company covering your rental car. Think about it!


Reservations for Lodging

Booking a place to stay can be daunting. However, there are a number of websites that make it a bit less overwhelming by allowing you to narrow the search by not only location – which is pretty much a given, but also by cost, by nearby landmarks/tourist sites/other hotels or convention centers. However, here are links to a couple that help you save money, search time, and frustration.

  1. Search more than 160 websites at one time looking for hotels, motels, and Bed and Breakfasts. Saves you tons of time!
  2. This one seems to have a larger number of choices of places to stay than the others available on line.  The search capabilities also help you to narrow the choices to meet your specific needs/wants in larger areas where there are many places to stay to choose from….and if cash flow is a problem, here’s one that may help: Book Now and Pay Later at!hotel reservation
  3. If your heart is set on a bed and breakfast, you won’t find a more complete listing than here: Shop the Largest Collection of Bed and Breakfast Inns and



Restaurant Reservations

Looking for a restaurant in a strange city can be a little overwhelming at first.  Here’s some suggestions that may help:

_DSC4843 hilliardlopez437 fish
  1. If you are meeting other people at your destination, it may be worth checking to see if any of them has visited the city before and if they can make any recommendations.
  2. Depending on how adventurous you may be with your taste buds, you can look for local, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are frequented by local residents.
  3. If you are a little uneasy about that presentation tomorrow or meeting the future in-laws, it may be best to stick to the chain restaurants where you know what you will be getting when you order.
  4. Get out your smart phone or online and search by locations “nearby” your lodgings if you will not have transportation and wish to walk to and from your meals. While you are online check out Yelp for local recommendations. Get up to 90% off at the best local business in your area with Yelp Deals
  5. Of course, most hotels offer some kind of food service in the form of restaurants, room service, or local food places that deliver or are close enough you can find them easily by car or on foot.

Let your hunger and your pocketbook be your guide on this one….as well as the purpose of trip.

  1. If it is your honeymoon, then consider something romantic and private.
  2. If it is to celebrate a big promotion, or landing a big account. or graduation, consider some place a bit more lively with music and dancing as well as good food and drink.


All in all, you can have whatever your travel requirements and/or desires may be…with just a bit of planning BEFORE you leave home.

Make your reservations early to get the best options in location, price, and time of departure and/or arrival and peace of mind!

Notable Upcoming Events – Worldwide

These events are coming up soon!

Check them out and find a great place to stay.
Make your reservations today
– before that perfect room gets away!

1. Notting Hill Carnival London, England – 27 – 28 August
2. Outlook Festival Pula, Croatia – 31 August – 4 September
3. Electric Zoo NYC, USA – 2 – 4 September
4. Galungan Ubud, Indonesia – 7 September
5. Toronto International Film Festival Toronto, Canada – 8 September
6. Rock in Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 18 – 27 September
7. Galway Oyster Festival Galway, Ireland – 23 – 25 September
8. Austin City Limits Festival Austin, USA – 30 September
9. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival San Francisco, USA – 30 September – 2 October