Win Free Trip to Your Favorite City

Thank you for entering to win a free trip to your favorite city!

Now you need to start thinking about what you need to think about for your trip, right?

Some things to think about include:

  1. The weather at your destination compared to your weather where you are now.
    • Do you need to carry a winter coat to wear upon arrival or will you need to take it off and carry it because it will be too much once you get to the other end?
  2. The activities you will do. Will you need hiking boots, water skis, snow skis, a sun visor, golf clubs, tennis racket, or just your credit cards for shopping? Or a coat for the top of Pike’s Peak in September? Or just a sweater for Carlsbad Caverns?
  3. Where you want to go? Broadway shows? Off Broadway theater? Ballgames? Tournaments? Botanical Gardens? Zoo? Symphony? Opera? On a picnic to enjoy the green grass and watch the clouds go by?
  4. Will you need reservations to get in? (Hint: Breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World books up about six months in advance.) Some shows sell out months in advance.
  5. Will you want to dress up? or dress down?  Will you need a costume or certain kind of outfits? Cowboy boots? hat? gloves? Riding gear for motorcycle or bicycle?
  6. What about equipment for trip? Bat, ball, ball glove? Golf clubs? Chess board? Sudoku puzzle books and sunblock for the beach?
  7. Will you travel alone or with others? Family, friends, children, babies/toddlers?  Elder travel buddy with special needs? Wheelchair, handicap accessible bathroom?
  8. What about your pets? Will they go with you or do you need to make arrangements for them to stay safe and cared for in your absence?
  9. What about where you want to stay? A big city – downtown near the clubs and the busy life?  A suburb – near activities, but not so urban? Maybe a small bed and breakfast is more your style – away from the hubbub of daily life – a bit of a retreat into nature?
  10. What about food? Do you want to take and prepare while you are there? Eat out every meal? Have one special meal per day and fast food or order in the rest of the time?  Maybe just coffee in the morning and catch whatever you are in the mood for the rest of the day?

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